is not your average collection of clip art.  Really, the artwork is so good, and comes in such an amazing range of subjects and styles, you'll always get a totally professional look on a practically non-existent budget.

To sample the world of TASK FORCE graphics, download TASK FORCE ImageCOMMANDER lite edition and then  download modules of free art.  It only gets better.  For a mere
$49.95, you can own it all on ONE convenient CD.

All new art is available for download, as royalty-free art and can be purchased individually or in value-packed modules.  Whatever your needs, we're always open.
see what is inside the box (flash demo)

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 TF ImageCOMMANDER Browser / Editor

See Interactive Flash Demo

TASK FORCE ImageGALLERY ships with TASK FORCE ImageCOMMANDER, a convenient browser/editor that allows you to search, organize and even edit your TASK FORCE images!

Powerful search tools provide the ability to find images based on Keywords, Category, and even Visual Style!

Customize images with intuitive editing controls: Change colors, rotate, mirror, add text, apply special effects and more!
Import your own photos for quick and easy preview through TASK FORCE Image COMMANDER. Edit and resize your photos in just seconds! (no other application required). The perfect tool for organizing all of your favorite digital camera shots.
Save frequently-accessed images to convenient folders that you create. Organize your favorites according to projects, special occasions, or any other archive criteria.

Log-in directly to the TASK FORCE Store to update your collection, 
with new content in the form of downloadable TASK FORCE Clip Modules.

Try the FREE version of
You can get TASK FORCE
ImageGALLERY plus CD Bundle

(includes all online products in all media types - incredible value of over $1000 plus)  for
only $249.95
(available for Windows only)

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